Knowledge Vertices

Embedded Electronics
Embedded Electronics
We make vehicles smarter and more integrated, facilitating communication between the user and the environment, strengthening current and new business for our members.  
Smart Materials
Smart Materials
We use a variety of materials to create new combinations that provide a significant increase in existing properties and performance gains, bringing disruption to the markets.
We create solutions to meet global demands, such as electric mobility, seeking to increase energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint.

Successful Cases

E-SYS Electric Auxiliary Traction System

Through studies and research at the Hercílio Randon Institute, Suspensys was a pioneer in the creation of an electric auxiliary traction system with a focus on electromobility: the e-Sys.

With an innovative and sustainable concept, e-Sys was developed by Suspensys in a partnership with the Randon Technological Center. It acts as an auxiliary system for recovering energy generated during descending and braking movements for times when traction is needed, such as going uphill or passing other vehicles.


Depending on the application, loading condition, and the road traveled, fuel savings can reach up to 25%, providing less wear on components and contributing to less waste generation and gas emissions.


The Hybrid R line semi-trailers, equipped with the technology, were introduced to the market in 2019 by Randon, after two years of development that directly involved IHR. The Bulk Carrier and Refrigerator models were the first to go through a field test phase, monitoring the product's behavior in real use on roads in the South and Southeast of Brazil.

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Successful Cases

Reducing Fuel Consumption and Pollutant Emissions

Developed by Frasle Mobility, the Composs brand was recently launched at Automec 2023, one of the biggest events in the automotive sector in Latin America. Research into the development of this technology began in partnership with the Hercílio Randon Institute (IHR) and the Randon Technological Center (CTR) in 2018, now gaining the structure for industrial production.


Structural composite parts, the focus of Composs technology, are made from the combination of materials with different chemical attributes and different properties, resulting in parts with new materials and superior performance. They have proven to be an efficient alternative to replacing metallic components in the road market, considerably reducing the weight of vehicles, which results in lower fuel consumption and less polluting emissions.


Composs is also concerned with sustainability in its manufacturing process. Waste generation is practically zero, and surplus raw material is directed to the production of biosynthetic wood. Additionally, composite materials offer other advantages such as smart design, ease of assembly and corrosion resistance.


In summary, Composs developments provide superior mechanical performance to metal parts, and are lighter and use more efficient manufacturing when it comes to waste generation, enabling the production of lighter and more economical vehicles. Frasle Mobility and Composs remain committed to seeking new technologies and advanced solutions to meet market needs and reduce environmental impacts.”

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Successful Cases

Large-Scale Niobium Nanoparticles

Based on scientific studies carried out by IHR, a new method for obtaining niobium nanoparticles on a large scale was discovered, which is now available on the market through NIONE – a unit of Randoncorp and Frasle Mobility that operates in the development of nanostructured products and production of Niobium nanoparticles.


Research carried out by the Hercílio Randon Institute gave rise to a pre-mix for use in protective coatings. Made with Niobium nanoparticles, the addition of this material allows gains in corrosion resistance, color durability, and shine, in addition to allowing ultra-fast drying, improving the application process.


Tests carried out in the laboratory confirmed the exponential increase in resistance against the action of corrosive agents, in some cases showing gains of more than 400%. The use of the coating reduces energy demand and allows the application of thinner layers with increased useful life, which, when combined with a water-based formulation, contributes to a more sustainable process.


One of the products that uses this technology is the Fremax line of brake discs, on the market since 2022. The objective is to further deepen the application of nanostructured products, with emphasis on metallic and non-metallic materials, developing more sustainable businesses that value scientific and technological knowledge.


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Successful Cases

Randon Solar Photovoltaic Energy on the Road

Randon Solar is a patented energy control and management technology, unprecedented in Latin America, developed based on IHR research, by Randon in conjunction with the Randon Technological Center.


The unprecedented and exclusive technology converts energy from the sun's rays through high-efficiency, ultra-thin and weather-resistant flexible panels installed on the outside of the semi-trailers – both on the top and on the sides. The energy is used to power any hybrid refrigeration device (from the refrigeration line) available on the market.


The installed power with the complete system can reach up to 15 kW, with the possibility of generating up to 11,500 kW per year. Among the estimated benefits is a saving of up to 1,800 liters of diesel per year, in addition to a reduction of up to 6 tons per year of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. The product's autonomy is around 22 hours for refrigerated loads and 5 hours for frozen loads.


Randon Solar has an exclusive energy management algorithm, which does not require any operator intervention for the system to function. All data can be accessed through an application for mobile devices or through an interface installed on the product itself.

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Randon Smart Embedded Intelligence for Fleet Control

Randon Smart is an onboard intelligence service that increases fleet control: it enables monitoring and enhances the management of semi-trailers, generating data in real time, with savings and security.


The development included studies carried out by the Hercílio Randon Institute and a partnership with the startup Delta Global, through RV (Randoncorp investment initiative in startups) This innovation is part of the New R line, launched by Randon.


Its controls and actions are what make it possible to track the use of road equipment.

The platform has telemetry and sensing systems that generate control and management data, combined with contracting preventive maintenance services.


It allows monitoring in real time with location sharing, mileage controls, an embedded scale, and georeferencing to mark areas of interest between loading and unloading points. Thus, by obtaining detailed reports, the fleet manager can optimize trip planning, taking advantage of the product's best performance.

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The Hercílio Randon Institute

More than discovering new things, we want to achieve our purpose: preparing companies for Megatrends in the Automotive Industry

We are a private Institute of Science and Technology, supported by Randoncorp, focused on innovation and the development of disruptive technologies in three Knowledge Vertices: Mobility, Embedded Electronics and Smart Materials.

As a technology and knowledge development hub, we seek continuous understanding of market needs. With our own team of dedicated researchers and technicians, as well as strategic partnerships with public and private science and technology institutes, universities, companies, startups and government bodies, we are committed to creating innovative solutions.


Our operating model is based on our own work methodology, which allows us to have the agility to overcome research challenges and build the appropriate value proposition.

More than 60 projects focused on new technologies and solutions

More than 50 experts working on the IHR team to deliver results

Patents filed

Businesses that emerged from research

Connected with more than 10 high-tech startups

More than 280 people involved in IHR research projects


Sérgio L. Carvalho

CEO Randoncorp

IHR, in its current configuration, that is, with a body of scientists, researchers and as an ICT, was created with the strategic objective of developing disruptive technologies aimed at solving market problems and improving the environment, ensuring Randoncorp, competitive advantages in its most varied markets, contributing fundamentally to the growth and perpetuation of the company.

The countless deliveries of technologies and solutions so far have demonstrated, without a shadow of a doubt, the assertiveness and capacity of IHR.

Cesar A. Ferreira

Superintendent Director of Advanced Product and Manufacturing Technology Randoncorp

IHR research plays an important role in fulfilling Randoncorp's strategies, acting as an innovation and technological development arm.

Through an agile and flexible approach, IHR transforms knowledge into disruptive solutions, aligned with market needs and trends, and reinforcing our commitment to advancing innovation.

Alexandre Casaril

Director of Engineering and Sales OEM Frasle Mobility

We at Frasle Mobility consider innovation to be a strategic guide. Research and development of technologies is in our DNA, our history, and our business. The connection with IHR in recent years has enabled us to immensely accelerate projects that enable new technologies, bringing more innovative and competitive products to market. Composs is our business unit focused on products designed from structural composite materials for the automotive market, and was born from a project enabled by IHR. This is one of the examples of the impact of the connection with IHR on the Frasle Mobility business.

Interaction with the institute is extremely dynamic and fluid. It gives us access to an immense network of knowledge available in other institutions, in Brazil and abroad. This is the role that IHR plays, functioning as a hub of knowledge and innovation.

Juliano Pimentel

Director of Engineering Product and Industrial Randon

Our IHR Institute of Science and Technology is a determining factor in the context of innovation at Vertical Montadora, making the perfect connection between the strategic needs of the industry with academia and other agents of transformation.
The knowledge generated in research projects allows us to overcome technological barriers; the disruptive product concepts presented generate competitive advantages in the Randon portfolio. I have no doubt that we are using the correct formula.

Max Ricardo Zatta

Engineering Manager at Master Sistemas Automotivos

IHR has become an important partner in the research and development of new technologies, products and materials. Its role, as the link between industry and academia, accelerates the development process. The methods applied to these developments bring robustness and reliability to the results achieved.

Being part of the Institute’s growth is a source of pride.


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